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From Venezuela

Cacao Beans

In close partnership with cocoa growers, Puro Origen is committed to sustainable production by connecting the chocolate maker directly with the grower ensuring transparency in the supply chain. Beans designed to meet the chocolate maker’s desired tasting profile based on sensory characterisation.
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Cacao Mass

Premium quality cocoa mass from the Sur del Lago region, the birthplace of cacao criollo, known for having the most aromatic cacaos of the country with sensory profile of honey, citrus, fruits, dried panela, malt, wood, red fruits and hints of vanilla.
The Finest Quality in


We distribute exclusively in BENELUX the finest chocolates from Venezuela, Chocolates El Rey, a highly reputed manufacturer which obsessively focus on mastering aromas, textures and flavours, bringing maximum enjoyment of the Venezuelan cacao to consumers from all over the world.
Best in Class

Advice and Support

Puro Origen provides technical advise, marketing studies, sales and logistics support for the commercialisation of your cocoa derivatives.

Chocolate Training

From bonbon making to in depth chocolate manufacturing processes, Puro Origen provides tailored-made training packages to suit small and large groups.
An Exquisite Experience

Chocolate Tastings

In only 90 minutes I will take you on a magical tasting journey understanding and enjoying all the sensory attributes of Venezuelan fine chocolate… are you ready to be the next big chocolate connoisseur?

From Venezuela and Ecuador we offer the highest quality cacao beans and connect chocolate makers directly to the source, the producers. In Venezuela we work together with Chococao and in Ecuador with Hacienda Victoria.

We have partnered up to bring their beans into the European Market and voice out their work on the farm. We have carefuly selected premium beans available in large volumes, with great care to flavour, consistency, sustainability and variety. Beans are not blended. We connect buyers to the source and keep them updated about the farms and the people.

My broad experience in the confectionery world developed a big passion for the chocolate and cacao sector as well as all the processes involved. This led me to initiate a new phase in my career as a fine flavour chocolate representative and distributor in order to provide chocolatiers with the best quality raw materials for their creations.

Puro Origen dates back to November 2016, where I decided to dedicate all my efforts to become a full-time ambassador for Premium Venezuelan cacao & derivatives, with the mission of providing best-in-class products and services for chocolatiers and consumers in Europe.

Mariana De La Rosa

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