From Venezuela and Ecuador, we offer the highest quality cacao beans and connect chocolate makers directly to the source, the producers. In Venezuela, we work together with Chocacao and in Ecuador with Hacienda Victoria.

We have partnered up to bring their beans into the European Market and voice out their work on the farm. We have carefully selected premium beans available in large volumes, with great care to flavour, consistency, sustainability and variety. Beans are not blended. We connect buyers to the source and keep them updated about the farms and the people.

Fair, reliable


We connect the Chocolate maker or industry to the source, eliminate middlemen and ensure that farmers get the right price for their work. My aim is to bring quality on the market in Europe.



For this project, we work with the team of Chococao in Venezuela and Hacienda Victoria in Ecuador. Together with Marika van Santvoort we have founded Gaia Cacao.


Delicate flavours

In Venezuela, we source mainly from the Sur del Lago region and have access to very rare cocoa, such as Guasare and Porcelana. In Ecuador, we offer the delicate Arriba Nacional.


Unique Cacao from Venezuela

Some projects are just too special to pass on like that. This is what I felt when we first met with the farmers of Chococao in Venezuela, the largest cacao producer in the Sur del Lago region. Although the country is known for its specialty cacao, and these varieties are still out, getting these to Europe can be tricky. It is a challenge to find good sources and consistent quality beans. Obviously, the political impasse is not helping the situation. Chococao feels strongly responsible for the communities working with and supports personal development of farmers, families and the economic development of the entire region. Puro Origen is part of the Chococao team and supports them by bringing their beans into Europe.

Delicate Flavours from Ecuador

Near the Ecuadorian coast in Cerecita, the Hacienda Victoria farm is located in the hills of Guayas. Protected by the hills and flooded by Ecuador’s equatorial sun the cacao trees have the perfect conditions to grow and flourish. Following the ancient tradition of the region, Hacienda Victoria exclusively grows the floral, fruity Arriba Nacional cacao. Besides growing premium cacao, the farm supports local communities with education and provides families with stable incomes.

I never thought that we would have a center like this and that it would create new sources of employment for the communities who have seen me grow. I am very happy with what the Chococao family has achieved because it is not about achieving a goal and remaining still, it is about continuing to define other ones and fulfill them. – Welcome to Sur del Lago, the land of cacao!
Armando Parra

President, Chococao


Venezuela – From ancestral criollos to fruity Trinitarios

The South of the Maracaibo Lake (Sur del Lago de Maracaibo) is known as the “birthplace of cacao criollo and home of Porcelana”. We will take you to discover every bit of these unique cacao varieties and uncover what these ancestral criollos have to offer.

Ecuador- The oldest origin of the cacao

Hacienda Victoria is a single estate farm which stands out in Ecuador for the quality, consistency, proper farm management and offering tailor-made fermentation protocols to clients.  Her Cacao beans are clean, well fermented and have great, consistent Arriba flavors.

Ecuador - Arriba Nacional

100% Arriba Nacional cacao from Hacienda Victoria.

Flavour profile: brown fruits, elegant and flowers.

Venezuela - Bocadillo

Harvested from Santa Cruz de Mora in Merida State. Is a criollo Merideño variety, unique and rare.

Flavour profile: pronounced flavour of olives and nuts.

Venezuela - Porcelana

A Criollo variety, grown for centuries in the region of the Venezuelan mountains, to the South of the Maracaibo Lake. Porcelana is scarce and needs substantial investments to avoid extinction or mixing. Porcelana is limited, and, we have it! Sourced by Chococao. 

Flavour profile: soft and mild flavours of nuts and caramel.

Venezuela - Las Virtudes (F1-A)

From Merida state in Venezuela. Fermentation and drying process is well controlled. 

Flavour profile: complex and delicate, earthy, woody and nutty notes.

Venezuela - Torondoy (F1-B)

From Merida state in Venezuela.

Flavour profile: dried fruits, nutty and spicy.

Venezuela - Torondoy (F2-A)

Flavour profile: cocoa, herbs, nutty, spices.

Venezuela - Sur de Lago (F2-B)

A blend of the cacao harvested from Merida, Táchira and Trujillo state.

Flavour profile: mild chocolate, nutty, malty and woody notes.

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